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How to avoid soft corners using Canon EF 20/2.8

Simply pull back focus towards the camera as Canon's EF 20/2.8 has sharpness field curvature.
It is important to remember about it when we shoot landscape photos and we want the foreground to be pefrectly in focus.

I used Canon EOS 1Ds mark III.
Aperture on all photos f/8.0

Here the focus is near infinity so we can see very soft corners as they are simply out of focus.

I pulled back focus towards camera to increase sharpness of the foreground and in the corners which are still soft.

I kept pulling the focus and now sharpness is O.K. I think to get even better result I should stop down to f/11 or try to focus even more precisely.

Now when I pulled too far only the corners are sharp!

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