wtorek, 3 marca 2015

Canon EOS EF 20/2.8 lens review

This is field review of canon's EF 20/2.8 wide angle lens.
The photos were made with Canon EOS 6D camera, all handheld.

Lens was set on f/8.

Contrast, color and sharpness are very good except of extreme far corners, at least when the lens is used for landscape work focusing near infinity.

When I shoot with this lens at closer distances, softness of the far corners doesn't disturb. Photos of people or fashion even at f/2.8 are bit soft but acceptable.

I think I should close this lens to f/11 and pull back the focus towards the camera to get full frame sharpness when working at greater distances. You can read about it here.

Canon's 20 has just a little visible distortion.

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