wtorek, 3 marca 2015

Canon EOS EF 28/1.8 lens review

Canon's bright 28/1.8 is a very good lens. When shooting landscapes or interiors it is sharp corner to corner starting from f/5.6.
I made all the photos with Canon EOS 1 Ds Mark III handheld (much harder work than with EOS 6D in silent mode)
At f/4 this lens is good, at f/2.8 far corners are soft.
When working at full aperture f/1.8 at close distnaces everything is fine. Sharp in the center and soft in the corners but softness is mixed with shallow depth of field.
At greater distances softness of the edges and coma at the edges are quite visible.

At f/5.6 the lens is sharp from corner to corner.

Here at f/5.6.

Here at f/1.8, you can see softness and coma in the corners.

f/1.8 at closer distance, things look acceptable. You can shoot in available light without tripod.

Here full aperture again, shallow depth of field blends with corner softness.

At f/1.8.

At f/2.8 things get better.

Here at f/4.0 image looks very good, comparable to ef 20/2.8 at f/5.6 or even f/8

B&W at f/5.6

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